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The homeowner’s creative side can be expressed with decorative outdoor lighting fixtures and the choices are nearly limitless. Designs ranging from traditional lanterns to marine-inspired wall lights or retro industrial styles. Quality outdoor lighting fixtures are designed to last for years, if not decades.

Lighting can be exceptional for the following placements:

Trees When aiming ground lights straight up into foliage, be sure to also luminate the trunk. If you don't, the uplit crown will look like a hovering UFO. When illuminating foliage from above, place two 20-watt downlights as high in a tree as possible and point them so that their beams do not cross.

Planting Beds Place fixtures no closer than 20 feet apart. "You want pools of light to guide your eye from one plant to the next, not continuous illumination."

Home Facade Fit bullet lights with bulbs that have 12-degree beam spreads, and aim them at the corners of your house or architectural details; softer wash lights can fill in the space between them.

Garden Walls Position fixtures close to the base so that the beams bring textures into sharp relief.

Focal Points Highlight an element that deserves attention—such as a fountain, a tree swing, or an arbor. The crossing beams reduce the harsh shadows that form.

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